Royal Spiced

Mauritius | 40° alc | 70 cl

Our Emperor “Royal Spiced Rum” is a variant of the Emperor Heritage rum, enhanced with spices, with unique gentle flavours of carefully selected cardamom, cinnamon, and star anise.

Carefully selected spices were macerated in both molasses and pure cane spirit, in our cellars based in St Michel de Fronsac in Bordeaux – France, before being blended to our “Emperor Heritage” rum edition.

We have selected our Cardamom in the heart of the tropical forests of south-east India, from organic agricultures, being the best, but also the most expensive cardamom which is available today on the World scene. Cinnamon comes directly from Sri Lanka from the “Ceylon” region. It is harvested manually in the spring on rainy days.

Finally our selection of Star Anise, the fruit of the “badanier” tree, comes from the vicinity of Langson, northern Vietnam. This badian is by far the most famous in the world. It is harvested from November to December and also comes from organic farming.

" Alcohol may be man's worst enemy, but the bible says love your enemy "
Frank Sinatra
American singer and actor


On the palate, its flavours are sweet and spicy, subtly caramelised and acidulated. Cinnamon and cardamom come out successively before finishing on delicate wood notes and roasted coffee. Flexible and round, our Emperor Royal Spiced, trains you on the route of the spices of the great navigators.


Emperor Royal Spiced is dominated by the scents of gingerbread, cinnamon and honey. Then come notes of gray pepper and lime.


The Emperor Royal Spiced Rums dress is coloured with old amber with reflections drawing on the copper and gold.

Aromatic profile