Lily White

Mauritius | 42° alc | 70 cl

Lily White collection is a blend of both aged agricultural and traditional rums, distilled in the pot-stills and columns. Aged up to 12 years, Lily White Rum is elegant, rich and surprisingly intense for a white rum. A complex process of carbon filtration carried out before bottling gives it its crystalline appearance and its final softness.

It is the specific combination from the exceptional terroir, the unique microclimate and know-how of Mauritius which allows us to create the brand Emperor Rum. 

The result is simply magnificent on the nose and in the mouth, with the same elegance of great agricultural or traditional white rum. Lily White is an invitation to refinement, a call to discover one of the few “Blended White Rum” in the world.

" I lived on rum, I tell you. It's been meat and drink, and man and wife, to me. "
Robert Louis Stevenson
Scottish novelist, poet and travel writer


The balance in the mouth is perfect. There are notes of ground coffee, honey and coconut, slightly fruity and spicy. The great balance of this high-end white rum offers a delicate and pronounced finish. Lily White takes you into the universe of roundness, giving it a stylish, heady pleasure.


Its vampirising nose, fragrant with a woody and floral bouquet offers an unusual tasting. A rare beverage, complex in its elaboration and the art of blending, is unparalleled. A bottle that proves that rum flourishes with time.


Clear and transparent.

Aromatic profile