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Finish Monopole | Finish Pinot Noir

Mauritius & Jamaica | 42° alc | 70 cl

Like the other old rums of the Emperor brand, Edition Celebration, is a blend of a 10 year old Mauritian rum and a 22 year old Jamaican rum which were first aged in French and American oak barrels respectively.

After this over-ageing period, it was then matured for a further 6 months in the barrels of the monopoly Les Saintes Claires” of the Albert Mann estate.

This plot is located in the heart of the Sigolsheim commune on the heights of the former Clarisses convent between the Grand Cru Furstentum and the Grand Cru Mambourg on a limestone soil very reputed. This extraordinary finish marks this rum and gives it a particular character. The unique finish brings aromas of exotic fruits and Mara strawberries due to the 100% Pinot Noir grapes, without eclipsing the original qualities of this very old rum. This is a limited edition of 366 bottles. Each of these unique bottles is numbered with a calendar date. Special Edition is availaible in France / Spain / Italy / Germany / Norway


• The nose is powerful and rich, we can distinguish aromas of honey, exotic fruits and spices.

• In the mouth, Emperor Celebration is sweet with marked aromas of dried and candied fruits. Afterwards one can taste aromas of caramel and Mara strawberries.

• The finish is long and greedy with a gentle transition from fruity aromas to chocolaty aromas.


Column & Pot Still 


Red Wine oak barrels (Pinot noir – Albert Mann)


Wooden oak barrels French & American